SAUMWEBER - Hersteller & Vertrieb: Butaris, Butteria, Butterfett, Bäckerbutter & Tourierbutter
Dairy SAUMWEBER 1902

Experience forms the basis of everything.
In our case since more than 111 years.

To become a specialist for butter, fats and oils takes more than a day. To become a top supplier, the know-how must grow continuously like the annual rings of a tree: slowly and over a long period of time.

Our history of success started on January 14th, 1902, when Maria and August Saumweber founded a small dairy in an area of Munich called Au. In this dairy butter, yoghurt, curd cheese and other dairy products were freshly produced day by day from the milk delivered from farmers in the surrounding Bavarian countryside.

Within several generations these modest beginnings have developed into being a prime manufacturer of milk and vegetable fats with a Europe-wide reputation. Many things have changed throughout this permanent process of innovation and growth – however, one thing has remained: We are a family business and accordingly we are committed to values, such as fairness, confidence and reliability. Our special concern is to fulfil our responsibility for humans and the environment, and this is the way it should remain - also in the interest of all our loyal customers.

1902 August and Maria Saumweber found a dairy at Franziskaner Street in Munich.
1927 The brothers Dr. August and Jakob Saumweber start the production of yoghurt and kefir.
1934 The production is moved to Emil-Geis-Street (current address). The production expands to include concentrated butter, porcine and bovine fat and margarine.
1948 The product portfolio is considerably enlarged and the products are also sold to foreign countries.
1955 Dipl. Chem. Wilfried SAUMWEBER assumes the responsibility for product development and production.
1968 Market introduction of Butaris Butterschmalz (Butaris concentrated butter).
1998 Development of a quality management system and successful certification in accordance with EN DIN ISO 9001.
2000 The 4th generation join the company, Ariane Saumweber and Diplom-Betriebswirt Rainer Saumweber, sister and brother.
2002 On January 14th, 2002, A. SAUMWEBER GmbH celebrates its 100th anniversary.
2003 Introduction of the „Bio-Tourier-Butter“-Platte (puff pastry butter plate in organic quality) for organic bakeries and patisseries. Certification according to the „International Food Standard“ (iFS).
2004 Introduction of the Deutsche Markenbutter (high quality German butter, the German equivalent to “butter extra selected”), offered in different quantities for industry and trade.
2007 Introduction of "Bio-Butterreinfett" (organic clarified butter) for chocolate and pastry manufacturers. Introduction of „Sonnenweg Bio Butterschmalz" (organic concentrated butter) in organic natural food trade.
2010 Market introduction „Finella – Sortiment“ (Finella trade line), clean label margarines without artificial additives for bakery and confectionery trades.
2012 Market introduction of „Butteria Bio-Bratöl“ (organic frying oil) in organic natural food trade. New certifications: RSPO, Kosher and ÖKOPROFIT.