SAUMWEBER - Hersteller & Vertrieb: Butaris, Butteria, Butterfett, Bäckerbutter & Tourierbutter

Our product line

  • Vegetable oil
  • Vegetable oil mix 100% fat content
  • Vegetable oils 100% fat content
  • Anti-stick oil 100% fat content
  • Vegetable fat (RSPO)
  • Vegetable fat mix 100% fat content
  • Mixed fats 100% fat content
  • Semi-liquid fats 100% fat content
  • Fat emulsion
  • Margarine 80% fat content
  • Spreadable fats 60-80% fat content
  • Bakery margarine 80% fat content
  • Clean Label margarines
  • Puff pastry margarine
  • Mix of high quality fats and oils with variable butter content
    36-38°C 60-80% fat content
  • Anti-stick emulsion
  • Milk fat
  • Deutsche Markenbutter (high quality German butter) (sweet cream) 28-33°C 82% fat content
  • Premium butter (mildly sour)
    28-33°C 82% fat content
  • Puff pastry butter 32-34°C
    82% fat content
  • Butterfat 28-33°C
    99,8% fat content
  • Butterfat 32-36°C
    99,8% fat content
  • Concentrated butter
    99,8% fat content
  • Pure concentrated butter
    99,9% fat content
  • Organic products
  • Organic sweet cream butter eu bio logo
  • Organic puff pastry butter plate Bioland
  • Organic butterfat eu bio logo
  • Organic concentrated butter eu bio logo
  • Organic vegetable oil eu bio logo
  • Organic deep frying oil and frying oil eu bio logo

The SAUMWEBER product portfolio includes all standard and special fats and oils for human nutrition.

On request we can also develop and supply special products according to your individual requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us – we are willing to discuss ideas that are out of the ordinary.