SAUMWEBER - Hersteller & Vertrieb: Butaris, Butteria, Butterfett, Bäckerbutter & Tourierbutter

SAUMWEBER - Butteria Frying Oil

The first oil with the best of the butter

  • For frying, baking and deep-frying, even at high temperatures
  • Quality product made from organic sunflower oil + organic clarified butter
  • Lactose-free

Available in organic wholesale since March 2012

Further information:

bio sonnenweg

SAUMWEBER - Sonnenweg Organic Clarified Butter

  • Fine butter taste when roasting, baking, cooking and deep-frying
  • Highly heatable and does not splash
  • 20% more productive than butter
  • Lactose-free

Bio Süßrahmbutter

SAUMWEBER - Organic Sweet Cream Butter

  • controls ecological quality
  • awarded with the EU organic seal
  • untreated
  • simple and safe processing

BiolandBio Tourierbutter

SAUMWEBER - Organic Touring Butter Plate

  • best butter flavour
  • optimum plasticity
  • easy processing
  • Bioland Certified

Bio Butterreinfett

SAUMWEBER - Organic Pure Butterfat

  • the full flavour of good butter
  • for confectionery and fine chocolate production
  • for high-quality pastry specialities
  • easy and problem-free processing
  • organic quality
  • lactose-free

Bio Sonnenblumenöl

SAUMWEBER - Organic Sunflower Oil

  • 100% pure organic sunflower oil
  • deodorized - from first pressing
  • awarded with the organic seal
  • in the environmentally friendly, practical 10 l Ökobox

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