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environmental protection

Active environmental protection is our guiding principle.

Environmental guideline
To protect our climate, environment and natural ressources is one of our essential business objectives.

We are committed to more effectively using the energy demand, to reducing environmental burden and saving costs. Through continuous process optimisation energy ressources are used more efficiently, so that an ongoing improvement of our environmental performance is achieved.

A. Saumweber GmbH understands active environmental protection as an obligation towards our employees, customers, neighbours, fellow citizens and the generations to follow.

This includes our choice of suppliers and raw materials, and we permanently inspect and monitor our entire production process, ending with the delivery of our finished products.

All measures are oriented towards the best available and economically applicable technology.

We adhere to the applicable legal regulations, directives, official and environmental provisions and regulations and integrate environmental protection measures in our existing organisational systems for work safety, the international Food Standard and the HACCP system.

A successful environmental protection can only be achieved if everyone in the company contributes. All our employees are informed and trained, so that active shared responsibility and effective environmental protection are a lifestyle at A. Saumweber GmbH.

In 2012 we were awarded the "Münchner ÖKOPROFIT-Betrieb" (Munich ECOPROFIT company) certificate. The next step will be the introduction of a tailored, process oriented environmental management system.

As of 2013, we have been member of the "Umweltpakt Bayern" (Bavarian Environmental Protection Pact).

Ökoprofit der Landeshauptstadt München                     Umweltpakt Bayern