SAUMWEBER - Hersteller & Vertrieb: Butaris, Butteria, Butterfett, Bäckerbutter & Tourierbutter

The core of the matter.

No fat no fun
Many flavours and aromas depend on fat. For this reason, fat is an important flavour carrier, which intensifies the taste. Further, the essential vitamins A, D, E and K require fat to be made available to the body. As a consequence, oils and fats are a vital contribution to a healthy and balanced nutrition. We offer a large variety of fats and oils for a multitude of purposes.

SAUMWEBER in bakeries
High-quality raw materials form the basis for excellent bakery products. This is why top bakeries and patisseries rely on Saumweber. Saumweber baking butter, Finella Clean Label Margarine, Finella frying fat or the delicious Saumweber organic puff pastry butter plate ensure good results and a natural taste. High quality processing and reasonable prices are good reasons in favour of our products.
SAUMWEBER in industry

Food industries have a formula for success: Take Saumweber. No matter if you have chocolate, candies, icecream or fine food - an increasing number of renowned food manufacturers count on Saumweber raw materials, which are manufactured according to their own custom specifications.

SAUMWEBER in gastronomy
From butter to cooking margarine, from different frying fats to extra virgin olive oil. There is a great demand for Saumweber quality in gastronomy. In addition, our ecological single-use system and our specially developed multi-use system provide for a hygienic and practical use that saves time and money.

SAUMWEBER in retail trade
Whoever wants to cook needs fat, and it has to be highest quality fat. Quality-oriented consumers in retail trade therefore choose our renowned brands like „Butaris Butterschmalz“ (concentrated butter) as well as „Sonnenweg Bio-Butterschmalz“ (organic concentrated butter) and „Butteria Bio-Bratöl“ (organic frying oil) in natural food retail trade.