SAUMWEBER - Hersteller & Vertrieb: Butaris, Butteria, Butterfett, Bäckerbutter & Tourierbutter

Quality signed and sealed.

Confidence forms the basis for long-term partnerships. This is why we are committed to confirming and strengthening your confidence day after day. Our prime goal is to continuously improve our products and optimise our manufacturing techniques. We give our customers the best we are able to produce based on our long experience. The beginning of this process is the careful selection of raw materials, followed by a production process which is based on state-of-the-art scientific findings. However, we do not leave it at that:

When it comes to supreme quality and product safety we do not compromise. Based on a specifically developed, multi-step monitoring programme our specialists ensure that our customers only receive highest-quality products. Quality monitoring cannot be overdone. After all, the success and satisfaction of our customers are at stake – and perfect enjoyment for everyone.

When it comes to quality, our philosophy is: 100% is not the maximum, it is the minimum.

This is ensured through our comprehensive quality management system, certified according to the international Food Standard (iFS). Food safety is our top priority, ensured by an implemented HACCP and Food Defense System. Additionally, we are certified for the manufacture of organically produced food and, if needed in our products, exclusively use certified sustainable palm oil (


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